At Scobie McIntosh and its affiliated companies, we recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR is the foundation of every task we undertake. Our approach is to carry out all that we do with integrity and transparency. This underpins our Company values of being Dedicated, Progressive, Passionate and Dignified. As such we have a committed CSR procedure that is fundamental to our strategic and operational procedures. In brief it can be broken down into the following areas:


  • We are fully compliant with EU waste management procedures
  • We operate a recycling policy throughout our sites
  • We endeavour to use our natural resources responsibly

Social Commitment and the Community

  • We are fully committed to yearly contributions to children’s charities
  • We provide employer support in our employee’s efforts in charitable and community groups
  • We support local sports teams through sponsorship
  • Provide facilities for a safe environment in which our teams can participate in sports
  • Language lessons provided to develop and enhance the skills of
    non-native speakers
  • Sponsorship of key team members in pursuing further education


  • Our policy throughout the company is to undertake all that we do with integrity and transparency
  • Adherence to worldwide anti-corruption legislation
  • We are committed to Equal Opportunities
  • We have a defined Diversity Policy

Sustainable development

  • We have brought manufacturing onshore to the UK for newly developed products
  • We have reduced external foreign production
  • New design concepts that increase reusability and decrease both wastage and by-products

Business relationships

  • All our business relationships are open and transparent
  • No member of our team is allowed to accept incentives, financial or otherwise
  • We remain fully professional at all times

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