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Scobie McIntosh Teams Up With N&W For ‘Top Secret’ Installation

16 Nov, 2015

I can’t tell you the name of the client or even the location of the premises’,  says Scobie McIntosh’s Mike Paul enigmatically, ‘but it was a very, very difficult installation and the N&W team was fantastic. To begin with, everybody involved in the installation, including the wagon drivers who were only delivering to the site, had to undergo an induction course that lasted for two hours.

BBC Radio 4 – Andrew Alderson appears as a guest on the Today Programme

31 May, 2012

Investing in Iraq – what are the real challenges in today’s investment climate? Andrew Alderson managed Basra’s finances in the immediate aftermath of the Iraq Invasion. Working within the economic planning department for the interim government, Andrew is well placed to debate this question, which he does here. Click here to listen.

Parliamentary Brief: The economy, stupid.

01 Oct, 2007

How did the British get it so wrong in southern Iraq? Between the summers of 2003 and 2004, there was a system of government in place which included economic administration and this brought stability and relative peace. Today Basra is a no-go zone and as dangerous as Baghdad. What decisions were taken that led to southern Iraq sliding into the same mess as the central provinces? What lessons need to be learned? Do they also apply to Afghanistan?

An unprecedented international aid package totalling approximately $33bn was earmarked for Iraq, but to the frustration of the Iraqi people the effects promised on the ground have failed to materialise.

Major Moneybags

15 Apr, 2007

A low-ranked soldier just arrived in Iraq, Andrew Alderson suddenly found himself trying to run a multi-million economy with hard cash stored in shipping containers. This is his comical and terrifying story.

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